Res ipsa loquitur

It’s almost August 6.  Whenever you hear one of your buddy’s has passed there’s always a,” not him” feeling.  To say I was shocked was a little misleading.  At first I was until I really thought about it.  Andy and I started he pipeline together so I spent a lot of time with him.  He was a funny dude.  We always gave him a hard time for his massive thighs.  He died doing what he loved and will always be remembered as the hero was.  When I found out he made it to the 24th STS I was stoked.  The 24th STS is the pinnacle for any Controller.  He leaves behind two sons that I’m sure will grow up with the full support of the “community” and a wonderful loving wife.  I swear it feels just like yesterday I was talking shit to him on Facebook for not even being able to make it home without eating all the hummus he just bought.  No doubt he’s in Valhalla.  Peace.  

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